Our Story

The Founders

The Help Young Minds project began when two post-secondary students, Dourra Assani and Valerie Nadeau, realized that with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, students were having difficulties learning. Valerie noticed that her younger brother wasn't getting access to the resources he required to complete his 8th-grade year effectively because of the remote learning. Valerie then approached Dourra with this issue. This got both the students talking on issues that occur in our community, which could affect a child's learning environment. These issues are not limited to the pandemic. They also include any situation that makes a student unable to attend classes (due to illness, for example) and need support to keep up with their studies. Students from low-income families may also not be able to access all the resources they require. This was when they came up with the idea of Help Young Minds—finding ways for all students to have equal access to resources and support they require for their success. Valerie is in her fourth year of Biology at the University of Alberta. Dourra is a fourth year Biomedical science major at the University of Ottawa. Both hope to expand the organization Help Young Minds across the country. 

Our Team

Our team of volunteer tutors and execs are what make Help Young Minds possible. To learn more about our executives and tutors, click below. 

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