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Meghan Sit

Blog writer

Meghan is in 3rd year of the BSc in Nutrition and Food Science program with a minor in physical activity. Meghan loves to bake, coach synchronized swimming, and volunteer in their free time. Meghan chose to volunteer with Help Young Minds "because, as a student, I believe in the value of educational resources. I feel that this is especially applicable this year due to the pandemic. Students should be able to access educational resources free of barriers, whether physical or social or economic."

Emily Meyer

Blog writer

Emily is a fourth-year student at the University of Alberta, majoring in Finance and minoring in Business Economics and Law. She spends her free time cooking, thrifting, playing the guitar and drinking excessive amounts of caffeine. She decided to volunteer at HYM because "I want to be able to share my love for learning. I think sometimes people get bogged down with assignments and 'to-do' lists and forget to be inquisitive and creative. I want to be today's student's reminder!

Tina Huynh

Blog writer

Tina is currently in fourth year of Honors Psychology. Her hobbies include playing the violin, crocheting, biking, volunteering, and making new friends. Tina decided to volunteer with this organization as "I grew up in a small town in Vietnam, and I remembered seeing kids the same age as me who was unable to go to school because their families can't afford it. That moment stuck in my mind until now, and every day when I go to school, I told myself to work hard so that one day I can create opportunities for the younger generation to go to school. I am inspired to make a difference in students struggling with school problems and trying to find their ways out. And that is why I want to volunteer for HYM."

Holly Vogel

Blog writer

Holly is the fourth and final year of the Pharmacology program at the University of Alberta! When Holly is not studying, they are reading, trying out new coffee shops, on a bike ride, or attempting virtual workouts. Holly decided to join Help Young Minds "because I wanted to share my transition to university story and hopefully offer some advice and guidance for young people considering post-secondary education." 

Jasmine Sekhon

Blog writer

Jasmine is currently completing a Physiology Honours degree in the third year. Jasmine enjoys reading, painting and spending time outdoors. Jasmine decided to volunteer with Help Young Minds because "I enjoy working with kids. Also, there are many barriers to accessing help and extra resources outside of class, and I'm sure the new learning changes are only making things more difficult, so I wanted to help out and provide students with the help they might need during this stressful time."

Jerry Odia

Blog writer

Jerry's currently doing a Masters in Public Health. Jerry's hobbies include playing scrabble, soccer, nature/wildlife photography, mentoring and meeting people. Jerry joined Help Young Minds as "social media has been very helpful in allowing teens to communicate with one another and build networks, which could provide valuable support, especially for those who experience exclusion or have disabilities or chronic illnesses. However, social media use can also negatively affect teens, distract them, disrupt their sleep, expose them to bullying, rumour spreading, unrealistic views of other people's lives and peer pressure, which poses a big challenge these days. My aim is to help young people understand the factors contributing to their mental and social wellbeing, how to use the internet to promote their wellbeing and how to engage other individuals in meaningful discussions."

Kassidy Auld

Blog writer

Kassidy is in Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Food Science, Food Science & Technology Specialization in the Third Year. Kassidy's hobbies include gardening & houseplant collecting, fermenting foods (kombucha, sourdough, sauerkraut), cooking & baking, sewing & crafts. Kassidy decided to volunteer with Help Young Minds because "I know what it's like to be new to university - there's a lot of pressure to choose your life's trajectory when you're not even sure what you're having for dinner, let alone where you see yourself in five years! I have had several years of experience as a post-secondary student. My job at a grocery store, combined with my Nutrition & Food Science major, has given me plenty of experience and knowledge that I'm excited to share." 

Elyssa Favis

Blog writer

Elyssa is in the second year of a BSc program with a major in psychology. In Elyssa's free time, they love to play the piano, knit and bake – especially cookies and cupcakes.  Elyssa chose to volunteer with Help Young Minds as a content creator "because being in school is something almost every young person has in common. Whether you're in your undergrad or starting in high school, we all share similar experiences as students. Volunteering with Help Young Minds gives me the opportunity to connect with a wide range of students – from those who are just starting to discover their academic potential, to those who want to learn more about the academic experiences of someone just like them."

Anurika Onyenso

Blog writer

Anurika current degree major is Business Management with a minor in Sociology. Anurika hobbies include jogging, swimming and reading. Anurika decided to volunteer with Help Young Minds as "writing is something I'm passionate about, and this opportunity was, therefore, not one to miss. I love the privilege this gives me to show my creativity."

Herman Aamir

Video creator

Herman is in first year in biochemistry. During Herman's free time, they love to read and write and love to craft and make art and bake when I get the time. Herman volunteered with Help Young Minds since "in high school, I fell in love with a class that taught me how to use editing software and apps like Photoshop and Illustrator. I knew that I wanted to maintain and expand my computer skills, so that's why I joined HYM as a content creator. Not only that, but I also love teaching people, so that's why I focus on making math videos!" 

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