Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays,

Holidays are for leisure and relaxing. The significance of holidays is different for everyone. For some, holidays are going on an excursion and doing something adventurous, it’s about helping someone who is in need, or spending time with family. For me usually, the holidays mean watching Netflix along with a cup of coffee. Sometimes I like escaping from my routine life which translates to not going to work and going out with friends and family.

I spent the last Christmas holidays with my family. We did a lot of shopping in that month as we collected gifts for friends and family. Christmas week was tremendous as we had fun baking cookies and cake. Decorating the house brought immense enjoyment. On Christmas day we did a BBQ, made salads and, various kinds of drinks. Danced along with the carols. Those were the holidays I enjoyed the most as all the family members were together. Being together with family makes the bond stronger. In the last winter break, I went on a family trip to Whistler as my parents visited me here, from India. I was mesmerized by the view; the mountains, greenery and the lakes were beautiful. We shared the memories of childhood and laughed our hearts out. Those were the good old days. I am the kind of person who loves to stay at home but at the same time going out too. The plans for this Christmas holiday are watching Christmas movies on Netflix every night and hot coffee with dark chocolate cake. On Christmas eve, a turkey wouldn’t hurt and would bring me such enjoyment.

Everybody deserves holidays at least once a year. People should take out some time from their busy schedules and spend some time with their loved ones. I wish I could have a six-month vacation twice a year.

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