Creating Possibilities

We strive to help every child get the education they deserve.

Our Mission

Often, students may be required to be absent from school due to health-related issues. Others may not be able to access the resources they need to succeed due to socioeconomic reasons.


Our mission is to help assist those in our community who do not have access to the resources they require for their education. We want to support all children who cannot attend school for some time or need extra help but are having difficulties finding the right resources or finances for that help.



What We Offer


Educational Videos

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Free Online Tutoring

Notebook and Fountain Pen


For students in grades K-12

Educational videos in every subject for all ages will be posted on our video channel. All students can benefit from these videos if they are in need of immediate help.

For students in grades K-12 

Students from grades K-12 who do not have access to resources they need to succeed or cannot attend their classes for whatever reason may apply for free tutoring in any subject. Tutoring is done online in one-on-one sessions with a post-secondary student with experience in  the particular subject.

For all students

Regular blog posts will be offered to give students motivation, advice and support when pursing their studies.

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