Anurika Onyenso - March 22 - 2 min read

If I’m not able to work on it all, at least I can try working on one. Working towards my achievement throughout the year will help me be more positive and have a purpose in life. Personally, I think purpose can really help people grow and remain sane in these weird, unsettling times that we are living in.

1. Learn How to Make Coffee As far as I’m concerned, caffeine is the best way to start out your day especially if you have a heavy workload ahead full of classes, assignments and readings. My personal favourite is the iced vanilla latte.

Ingredients (*measurements may differ based on your preference):

235 ml of Coffee

1 Cup of Cream

1 Tablespoon of Vanilla Syrup

1/2 Cup of Ice

5 Tablespoons of Sugar

Fill your cup with ice. Mix your remaining ingredients together and pour over the ice. Drink.

2. Go for Office Hours (even if they are online) Learning over Zoom brings problems of communication, so why not schedule a one-on-one with your teacher for better explanations or attend office hours. Take advantage of every resource available that can help you with your course and make sure to reach out to other students in your class to seek help if possible or contact a peer tutor.

3. Check in with your Academic Advisors (at least once a semester) Change and growth is inevitable and you never know what degree you may end up graduating with. If you want to change your major, drop/add a class or even plan your class schedule for the term, make sure to reach out to your academic advisor as they are best equipped to offer the best solution or strategy.

4. Use your Student Discounts Amazon Prime, Spotify, Apple Music and so many stores and businesses offer discounts and reduced membership prices for students. Just show your Student Card if it is a physical store or log in with your student email address to take advantage of the opportunity.

5. Take Care of your Mental Health Make sure to get enough sleep and minimize your screen time. Your mental health is the most important thing and remember you are loved and carve out time to spend with your friends and family.