But Why a police officer?

Vanika Kwatra - April 26 - 2 min read

A note from me to myself: Today I was sitting by the sea, thinking about life. I have come so far, passing all the hurdles with the support of my family and friends, especially my parents. I have never seen strong people like them. They stood by me every nanosecond even when I used to think that I am not capable of something or I don’t deserve it. . They supported me constantly even when I gave up. They looked through my eyes and said boldly that they are proud of me. Humans are so sensitive that they stress over little things. I stress over many things even if I know deep inside somewhere that I will get what I deserve, and destiny plays its role, and I believe that. I have a different personality; I take time to open up and don’t trust people easily. I want to go into a profession where I can protect people, help them and where people can have trust and be a genuine citizen, which led me straight to being a police officer. I chose this field to protect people from danger. Due to the curiosity, I like watching police and crime-related shows (documentaries), which grows my interest more and more. I love knowing more about this profession as it makes my dream clearer and achieves my goal. I respect all those army people and police officers who put their life at risk on borders, streets, or the navy to save our lives. I’ll discuss one example with you guys - I went to a store where a guy stole a bunch of clothes, and he pushed one of the employees where she almost fell; I saw everything, but as a customer and not being in authority, I could not do anything. When I asked that employee to call 911 or if I should call 911, she said that their policy states not to call the police due to the store's reputation. I was astonished and angry at the same time by seeing the whole scenario and not doing anything. In the future, I want to change this and try to make people more aware that they can trust the police and, instead of caring about the reputation, help and make people feel secure. I hope in future I can make this situation a little better if not fully eradicate this problem.