Friendly Competition is Important

Adnan Sami - March 4th 2022

Back in school, I spent six hours of the day with the same people for a couple of years, and till now, they’re my closest friends. Moving to university, I’m primarily alone for many reasons, including COVID and online learning. I realized the importance of having good friends with whom you can share your feelings and thoughts and compete for your studies. I was honestly one of the toppers in my class, partly due to the healthy competition with the other topper, who was my close friend. We’d share our ideas about different subjects, and studying was kind of fun. But now, it’s just me, and the only competition I see is when a professor sends us emails about the average scores in our class. That’s mainly the only thing I can compare my grades with. And that’s partly why I feel so unmotivated to study, and the consequences are apparent in my fluctuating class performance. I want to make friends at university to relive that healthy competition and wish you the best in making good friends for yourself!