Home sweet school

Meghan Sit - November 23rd 2020 - 3 min read

Hello brilliant minds!

Adapting to life during a pandemic is no easy feat! Whether you are part-time or full-time online, adjusting to student-life at home poses a unique challenge to many, including myself. As a fellow student navigating through the world of online schooling, here are a few of my tips 2 months into my first full semester of online school:

1. Get up and get ready: You might think, what’s the point of getting dressed if no one is going to see me anyway? Even changing out of pajamas into a comfortable outfit can act as a cue that it’s time to wake up and get going. Setting an alarm for the same time every morning also helps to form a regular morning routine and can help to bring structure to your day.

2. Be wary of your environment: I found that finding a place to work at home has been one of the most challenging parts of online learning. The idea here is to separate your home and school life. If possible, try to designate an area of your home as your workspace that includes a flat surface and a chair to stimulate studying at school. This doesn’t have to be a whole room. Maybe it’s just a small corner of your home that you return to each day. Try to avoid studying in bed or on the couch as these areas are often associated with relaxation rather than productivity.

3. Plan, plan, plan: Online or blended schooling can be hard to keep track of, especially if your classes are not structured. At the beginning of the semester, I put together a master schedule to help me keep track of which classes I had to do when. If scheduling is not your thing, try taking a week by week approach. Check off your classes as you do them, so you are not falling behind. You can also try sticking to your class schedule as if you were attending class in person. Again, this can help to reinforce a sense of structure and regularity in your day.

4. Stay social: If you find that you’re in isolation most of the day, this point may be essential. Cut out time in your day to interact with others, whether it’s through video chat, student clubs, or online events. Forming an online community may not be ideal, but even hearing others’ voices can help maintain a connection to the outside world.

5. Keep busy: You may have discovered that moving to online schooling has left you with some extra free time. I have found this to be both a pro and a con. This extra time has allowed me to strengthen my relationship with those I live with and also designate time for relaxation. However, too much free time can also decrease productivity and lead to procrastination. Although online, many school clubs and initiatives are still operating. Keep an eye out for ways to get involved online to fill up your free time. Even incorporating a workout or a new hobby a few times a week can help fill up some of your extra time in a productive manner.

Even if these tips are not for you, remember that you’re not alone in the challenge of adapting to life during a pandemic! Stay positive and remember that adjusting to learning from home is a process.