Things to help you relax in finals season

Lava Najmdeen - April 6th 2022

Finals are around the corner, which means that stress levels are rising. However, my advice is to try to keep calm.

Stressing out doesn't benefit you other than affecting both your mental health and grades negatively. Of course, it's hard to stay calm, and all of us, as students are vulnerable to academic validation and stress. However, always recall is essential, which is "give it your best shot and accept the results regardless."

A few things I would suggest are: trying to get started early. A few weeks before finals, try getting ahead of your piled-up studies. This would reduce the amount of stress you would experience right before the finals. Moreover, despite everything, you must dedicate some self-time, whether that's to hang out with friends, spend time with your family or do something you enjoy doing. One piece of advice that I wish I had been told earlier is that sometimes you might pull an all-nighter and be extremely stressed but still do wrong on your exam; it's just fate. The amount you're stressed isn't equivalent to how well you score on your exam. It's important to understand that. Another thing that has proven helpful for me is developing a positive mindset, continuously telling myself that I'll do well and preparing in advance. Furthermore, as simple as it sounds, get a decent night's sleep beforehand, eat well, prepare well, and you're good to go.